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Zero Gravity

Laminar Lip


One man's DIY wind protection

How do I properly attach the windscreen to avoid breakage?

About Wind noise

One of the main reasons people try a different screen is to mitigate the noise of the wind coming across the screen. Here is where the noise comes from, listed from quietest to most noisy:

1 Fairing-protected air: Fairing-protected air is the most quiet, but it is difficult to keep completely in the quiet bubble of still air (especially your head/helmet) without crouching low or going very tall on the windscreen.

2 Clean air not stirred up by the fairing: Clean air is not nearly as quiet, but is easy to achieve. For many riders, sit up straight or remove the windscreen and whoomp, there it is.

3 Dirty air: Dirty air is the worst and can cause severe buffeting. Dirty air hitting the helmet is a significant source of deafening wind roar. This is often an unintentional by-product of raising the windscreen to the point where dirty air displaces clean air at helmet level.

Scale on this picture is not intended to be 100% accurate, but it gives a general idea. Different bikes have varying wind flow characteristics, different height riders sit in different positions relative to the airflow, YMMV, yadda yadda, blah blah blah.

Air flow.jpg