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Zero Gravity

ZG makes two models that fit the 250, their stock replacement model and the Double Bubble. Both come in a wide range of colors. Below is a comparison of the Double Bubble and OEM screens.

Stockvsdbky9.jpg Zg windscreen comparison.jpg Overlayyg7.jpg

This is an installed Double Bubble:

Ninja94.jpg Ninja95.jpg

ZGDB Observations

To be honest, the reviews on the Double Bubble are mixed. If you are on the short side, or you often ride in a tucked, or semi-tucked position, this could be a good mod for you. It really isn’t a substitute for a taller touring shield, though. Let’s see what some owners have to say:

  • The double bubble on the 250 makes a good bit of difference. Nothing like you're going to get with a Duke screen, but it's a nice change over stock. Instead of the wind hitting me in the chest, the DB moves it up to the helmet, where there is less resistance.
  • I got the DB and it definitely makes for nicer tucking; you can stick your head down there and get out of the wind completely. You won't get too much of an improvement besides that. I'm 5'6".
  • I have the ZG double bubble windscreen. Although not extremely effective, it is an improvement over OEM for sure! If I were to spend a lot of time on the highway, I would definitely look into a really tall windscreen.
  • A double bubble deflects wind in a different pattern. It's noticeable, and it changes with speed. Overall, it feels that it pushes the wind just a bit higher than the stock windscreen, probably 2"-3".
  • In my case (6'2") it's a moot point. The results were well below my expectations. I found that I gain a couple of inches of still air, which does not do me much good. For you, this may be exactly what you are looking for.
  • I have a double bubble, and I noticed the wind flow moved from my shoulders (with stock) to my ears, which makes for a louder ride. I am 5' 9".
  • At 5' 8" with a 33" inseam (a lot of my height is in my legs) from what I can tell I would be giving up a lot aerodynamically and gaining little protection-wise with a larger windscreen
  • I have a double bubble and it has changed my life! No more feeling like my arms are going to get torn off at 75MPH. I can actually cruise about 80 on the highway quite comfortably now, but I am 5'6".
  • Being a short rider at 5'4", the ZGDB does a great job of moving the airflow from the bottom of my helmet to the top of my helmet while riding upright.