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So, let's say you've cleaned your carbs and are ready to reinstall them, but you have all these hoses lying there and you can't figure out where they go. These pictures should help. There are also detailed pictures in the carb cleaning article, and you might also want to look at the parts diagrams or the Ron Ayers fiche.

Make sure to click through to the highest-resolution picture for best legibility.

The California difference

The T fitting shown in the photo below is unique to California-spec bikes. The tube that the T-fitting is in is a vacuum hose. On California bikes the hose from the T fitting runs to the emissions magic box. On 49-state bikes the hose runs across to its fitting without the T in the middle.

IMG 2311-2.jpg

Pictures with circles and arrows

Annotated 1.jpg Annotated 2.jpg

Fuel overflow connection.jpg Inside carb 9.jpg

Note on the throttle cable brackets: These really shouldn't be in the picture when the carbs are off. When taking the carbs out, leave the cables on the bracket and unscrew the single screw holding the bracket on. That way you don't have to re-adjust the cables AND it's faster.

If you don't understand what all the parts noted in these photos do, try looking in Carbs 101. You can also get more information by using the search box on the left side of this wiki.

The rest of the photos

Carbs.jpg IMG 2304.jpg

IMG 2305.jpg IMG 2309.jpg

IMG 2310.jpg IMG 2311.jpg