Why do I have to check the FAQ?

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Even though it seems like it's just you and the computer, there are many, many people who read this site. In essence, what you are doing when you ask a question here is standing up in a room with a hundred people and asking that they listen to your question. The majority of us will just ignore questions that are asked on an annoyingly regular basis. Some will actually take a few minutes to respond (and "Read the FAQ" is a pretty good response). All of them are doing you a favor.

By reading through the FAQ, you may actually learn the answers to questions you haven't yet thought to ask.

There will always be new questions and new situations and adventures. That's why many people hang around here even after they sell their 250. There are a lot of knowledgeable folks in the club, and there is always something new to learn. By minimizing the clutter on this site we can keep it worth their while to hang around, and that level of experience is invaluable.

Here's how we see it

You and your friends go to your favorite watering hole and sit in your favorite booth. It's a public place, but that booth is yours... been going there for years. In fact, you like it so much you buy the place. You decorate the place with illustrations of oil changes and fender removals... even different tires for your favourite motorcycle.

In barges a stranger. He walks straight across the floor - right past an oil changing demonstration - right past a booth of people talking about oil changes - right up to your booth. He doesn't introduce himself - he just blurts out QUICK HELP I NEED TO DO AN OIL CHANGE - TELL ME HOW TO DO IT!

Then - as you're half way through explaining it - in walk 10 more strangers. Each one yells QUICK HELP I NEED TO DO AN OIL CHANGE - TELL ME HOW TO DO IT!

As soon as you tell them - poof - they disappear. Only one stranger remains, studying the oil change diagram on the wall, watching the oil changing demonstration, listening to the oil changing discussion.

That's what this club is like. And remember, it IS a club. There are some members who showed up not knowing ANYTHING... but they've treated this place with respect, learned a lot, and now they're some of the best members. These are the people we ride thousands of miles each year to see. If any one of these members asks a question it will be respectfully asked. If any one of these members answer, then everyone chimes in and WANTS to help them. Hell, we've had members drive across the country just to help another member out. These are our friends, and we're always willing to tip a cold one with them.

The point? We can see why some people get frustrated when they feel like they're not being listened to, or perhaps feel like they've been put down. On the other side of things - imagine you were the one being asked all of these questions over and over again. It's pretty hard to take the loud strangers' cries of foul when they're the ones who barged in and demanded immediate help, while never attempting to help themselves...

You get out what you put in.