What windscreen models are available?

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Zero Gravity

ZG makes two models that fit the 250, their stock replacement model and the Double Bubble. Both come in a wide range of colors. Below is a comparison of the Double Bubble and OEM screens.

Stockvsdbky9.jpg Zg windscreen comparison.jpg Overlayyg7.jpg

This is an installed Double Bubble:

Ninja94.jpg Ninja95.jpg

ZGDB Observations

To be honest, the reviews on the Double Bubble are mixed. If you are on the short side, or you often ride in a tucked, or semi-tucked position, this could be a good mod for you. It really isn’t a substitute for a taller touring shield, though. Let’s see what some owners have to say:

  • The double bubble on the 250 makes a good bit of difference. Nothing like you're going to get with a Duke screen, but it's a nice change over stock. Instead of the wind hitting me in the chest, the DB moves it up to the helmet, where there is less resistance.
  • I got the DB and it definitely makes for nicer tucking; you can stick your head down there and get out of the wind completely. You won't get too much of an improvement besides that. I'm 5'6".
  • I have the ZG double bubble windscreen. Although not extremely effective, it is an improvement over OEM for sure! If I were to spend a lot of time on the highway, I would definitely look into a really tall windscreen.
  • A double bubble deflects wind in a different pattern. It's noticeable, and it changes with speed. Overall, it feels that it pushes the wind just a bit higher than the stock windscreen, probably 2"-3".
  • In my case (6'2") it's a moot point. The results were well below my expectations. I found that I gain a couple of inches of still air, which does not do me much good. For you, this may be exactly what you are looking for.
  • I have a double bubble, and I noticed the wind flow moved from my shoulders (with stock) to my ears, which makes for a louder ride. I am 5' 9".
  • At 5' 8" with a 33" inseam (a lot of my height is in my legs) from what I can tell I would be giving up a lot aerodynamically and gaining little protection-wise with a larger windscreen
  • I have a double bubble and it has changed my life! No more feeling like my arms are going to get torn off at 75MPH. I can actually cruise about 80 on the highway quite comfortably now, but I am 5'6".
  • Being a short rider at 5'4", the ZGDB does a great job of moving the airflow from the bottom of my helmet to the top of my helmet while riding upright.

Laminar Lip

A Laminar Lip is a bit of plastic that directs the wind higher than your stock windscreen does. Here is Laminar's explanation of how it works. They do make a couple models for the OEM windscreen. If you have one of the taller non-stock windscreens you'll have to get one of the universal Lip models and make it fit.

Shot showing model #K1126S on an OEM Ninja screen.

K1126S laminar.jpg

Opinion: In a word, WOW. Got the 14" cruiser style for my DIY screen. Very pricey at $95 for what is basically just a little chunk of plexiglass. OTOH, the design is brilliant and the difference in wind noise is amazing. In my particular setup, it makes a way bigger difference than earplugs. I put the 14" Cruiser on an 18" wide x 24" tall tombstone-style windscreen I made. The 14" Cruiser is a general size / shape. Though it does have a little more curve than my windshield (the top of my screen is a little flatter) it still works nicely. The 14" looks like it might work with the Duke / Mike style screen as well.


Second opinion: It's easy to attach; just clean your windshield with the supplied wipes, line the thing up (the manufacturer says to place the top of the stock windscreen one-half way up the Laminar Lip) and stick it on. The extra strength Velcro dots are attached to each other, and you just pull off the film to expose the adhesive side of the ones that go on the stock screen. The lip comes with an extra set of dots for you to have an extra mounting position if you need it.

The attached shield stays put at 60-70 mph (one BMW rider says it's fine at 125). It does seem to vibrate a little at higher speeds. I am 5' 10", and I noticed right away that the wind blast was directed to a different place. Instead of hitting me in the chest, the wind is directed up to around the top of my helmet. Before, with the wind hitting me in the chest, a ton of the blast was then directed up under the chin guard of my helmet. I do notice a softer buffeting at speed, and maybe a bit more noise. This is definitely an improvement at speeds over 40. Overall, I'm glad I installed the Laminar Lip.

This is mounted higher than what Laminar recommends. The owner has since moved the Lip down about an inch. He now finds that the air is a bit smoother at helmet height. "It allows me to sit in a neutral position with slipstream pressure mostly on my shoulders. Much improved over the stock screen. I think that for longer distances a taller screen would be the way to go, however. I think one of Mike's screens is in my future."

678206.jpg IMG 0856.jpg IMG 0857.jpg IMG 0858.jpg