What are these wires that aren't attached to anything?

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There are two sets of accessory wires on the EX250F, and lots of people wonder why they have these wires that don't go anywhere. Well, they're not supposed to. You can plug anything that runs on 12 volts into them, but note that they're always hot, even with the key off, so make sure you turn off whatever is connected there before you leave, or you'll have a dead battery when you come back.

The front wires are the ones most people notice first. They're located up by the gauges and look like this:

Front acc leads2.jpg

The second pair is back by the fuse box at the right rear of the bike. Not surprisingly, they look just the same:

Rear acc leads2.jpg

Of the two wires, white/black is the hot (+) lead and yellow/black is the ground (-), as it is throughout the bike. And again, remember that these always have electricity flowing to them, even when the bike isn't running.