What are the different models of the EX250?

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Sure, we always say that nothing has changed since 1988, but there have been a few different models of the bike over the years, some not available in the US. If you're trying to find out which colors were available in which years, go here.

Brief model descriptions

  • ZXR250-A, ZXR250-C: Sportbikes. Inline fours. High-revving engines.
  • EX250-C (GPz 250): Ugly-ass belt-driven POS. Circa '83. A lot like the GPz305, but even wimpier.
  • EX250-E (Ninja 250R, GPZ 250R): 1986-1987 in N.A.. 1986 in Japan. UJM with a fairing.
87 EX250.JPG 690211.jpg
  • EX250-F (Ninja 250R, GPX 250R): 1988-2007 in US. 1988-1999 in Canada. UJM with a fairing.
Fseries.jpg Fseries3.jpg
  • EX250-G (GPX 250-RII): EX250-F with dual front brakes. 1988 only. Japanese domestic market only.
  • EX250-H (Ninja 250R in Canada 2000-2002 or so, then ZZR-250): Sport-tourer.
Hseries.jpg Hseries2.jpg
  • EX250-J Ninja 250R worldwide

EX250-E through -H have the same basic engine, with the -H having the most radical changes (side covers). The EX250-J engine has major internal revisions, while maintaining the general shape of the EX250-F engine casing.

This chart shows the model name equivalents:

  • GPZ250 = EX250C
  • GPZ250R = EX250E
  • GPX250R = EX250F
  • GPX250R-II = EX250G1
  • ZZR250 = EX250H

Bike Nomenclature & EX250 History/Heritage

  • EX250-C = GPZ 250 (earliest year around 1983)
  • EX250-D = Not much is known about this one. Probably was never made, or a slight variant on the -C.
  • EX250-E = Ninja 250R in Canada and the US from 1986-1987 = GPZ 250R elsewhere
  • EX250-F = Ninja 250R in Canada from 1988-1999 = Ninja 250R in the US from 1988-> . Called GPX 250R elsewhere (earliest year = 1987)
  • EX250-G = GPX 250R-II - dual front brake version of EX250-F (earliest year = 1988)
  • EX250-H = Ninja 250R in Canada from 2000-2001 = ZZR-250 in Canada from 2002-> , and ZZR-250 elsewhere (earliest year = 1992)
  • EX250-J - worldwide 250R, '08-->

As you can see from this chart, calling one bike an EX and the other a ZZR is not only confusing, but plain wrong. They're all EX Something.

The EX250-C has virtually nothing in common with any of the later bikes. Not much is known about the -A, -B, or –D. If they were ever made, they didn't make it here.

A GPz 250 (EX250-C) from 1984 Gpz250-1984.jpg

The EX250-G (GPX-250R II) has many parts in common with the EX250-F: Same engine, same plugs, same carb setup. The G model was never imported into North America, and the primary differences are a larger (width) front wheel (taking 110/80-16 tires), two front rotors, two front calipers, and different left-hand fork lower.

The EX250-H (ZZR-250) has very few parts in common with the EX250-F, the exceptions primarily being the engine, but not the engine cases. The EX250-E, F, and G all use the base EX250-E engine.

Prior to the EX250-C, we had the ER250B (aka z250T Scorpion) starting in 1983. The ER250B had Unitrak rear suspension and belt drive, but was otherwise pretty much the same as the Z250B (earliest - 1981), which was pretty much the same as the Z250A (earliest - 1979).

Z250A Z250A - 79=80.jpg

Here are descriptions, a specifications chart, and a model timeline for the Ninja 250 models.