Waterproofing your electrical connections

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We'll start this article off with an op-ed piece from Wes: 'I ride in meaner conditions than almost anybody, and my bike has never seen the inside of a garage. It's also more than 7 years old and never had a single problem with the stock electrics.'

So, we're going to recommend the following procedure if you are disconnecting any of your electrical connections, or if you are having any electrical problems.

To start: Go to your local auto parts store and buy a big tube of Dielectric Grease (it's clear and about the consistency of Vaseline). Take your fuel tank off and underneath are several electrical connections. Take each one apart and goop as much dielectric grease into each as possible, then put it back together.

On the sides of the frame just to the left and right of the top part of the motor are your coils (black boxes with spark plug wires). On the front of each coil are two wires with spade connectors. Hit those as well.

Pull your spark plug wires off the plugs - More dielectric in each one (in the hole where the plug connects).

Take your side covers off, and on each side of the rear fender is an electrical unit. (One side is your regulator/rectifier and the other side your ECU box). Do the same to the connectors on both of these boxes.

Under your right side cover is the fuse box. Take every fuse out and coat with dielectric, as well as the big connector that goes to the fuse box itself.

Look around for any other electrical connections, and hit those as well (i.e.... EVERY connection on the bike).

Use a LOT of grease on each connection. You can't use too much. This will take care of any electrical problems you may have when it rains.

In the 2005 Iron Butt Rally, Duke rode for 18 hours in Canada through very strong rains, with savage head and cross winds, from Hurricane Katrina. Due to this thorough preparation of his bike, he had no trouble whatever.

If there is corrosion on any of your electrical connections, it has been suggested that the use of CAIG R5 Power Booster will help eliminate it. Apply before you apply the dielectric grease.