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A group of riders within WMRRA (Washington Motorcycle Road Race Association) have determined to start riding Ninja 250s within the 125GP class at WMRRA races. This gentlemen's-agreement style pseudo-class has the following guidelines:

Northwest Ninja 250 Cheapskate Cup

AKA – “Phil’s Cup”

AKA – “The Cheapionship”

The Northwest Ninja 250 Cheapskate Cup is a gentleman's agreement class (see below) running within the existing club(s) class structure. In WMRRA it will run within 125 Grand Prix. The Cheapskate Cup participants will grid directly behind other participants in 125GP, and will start in the same wave as 125GP. In the event that an actual legitimate sponsored 250 Ninja series exists, the Cheapskate Cup participants will grid behind the 250 Ninja series, starting on the second row behind the last gridded 250 Ninja series bike (IE leaving one row between). We wouldn’t want “legitmate” series bikes rubbing their expensive cooties off on our Cheapskate Cup bikes.

Novice entries are encouraged if allowed by the club. Novices intending to enter the Cheapskate Cup should make contact with the oversight committee as early as possible, and should prepare to have a whole heck of a lot of fun and learn a whole lot about racing. They are also encouraged to pit with or near other Cheapskate Cup participants for help, guidance and other unspecified at this time frivolity.

The Cheapskate Cup is not officially affiliated with WMRRA and does not have official rules – it’s a gentlemen’s agreement (for some rather loose definition of "gentlemen"). We do have guidelines (and a secret handshake, and more cool stuff which you will learn about if you join us). To race with the Cheapskate Cup all you have to have is an old beat-up Ninja 250, a good sense of humor and a fun loving attitude. Minor financial resources to contribute to the after-race beer fund wouldn’t hurt. We also encourage donations of ludicrous or hopelessly impractical prizes and awards.

Permitted Bikes

Stock Kawasaki Ninja 250 - 2007 and older, though strict compliance with the year guideline is not completely necessary, especially if you’re fat or slow. Or stupid enough to pay too much for a too-new bike. Dummy.

The following modifications will be required:

  • Removal of stock bodywork
  • Installation of regulation number plates
  • Installation of belly pan (9x13 brownie pan or similar)
  • Safety wiring
  • Replacement of coolant with Water Wetter mix (or other approved in club)

The following modifications are permitted:

  • Removal of airbox snorkel
  • Rearsets
  • Clipons
  • Tires
  • Gearing

Keeping the bike as close to stock as possible and as cheap as possible is encouraged, and in fact is the point of the class. Making do with as little as necessary, with what you have, what you can find dirt cheap and what you can make yourself is the spirit of the guidelines. If you crash and destroy something to the point where you can’t bend it back (like an exhaust) Ebay or junkyard purchased replacements of whatever you can find are encouraged. Buying new stuff will get you laughed out of the series as a complete nincompoop.

Starting Position

The Northwest 250 Ninja Cheapskate Cup will run an inverted grid, with previous race winners starting at the back and last place riders starting at the front. Riders who did not finish in the previous race will be gridded behind the first place rider from the previous race. Novices will grid at the back. The first race of the season will start first come first serve, with novices at the back.

No attempts at policing the class will be made, as this will be a gentleman's race. No protests will be heard. If you cheat, you're just a cheater. We don't care. Don't be a jerk, don't be a complainer.


There will be no additional fees for Cheapskate Cup. Riders should enter 125GP, and will be gridded with 125GP.

Points and Prizes

Season points for Northwest Ninja Cup will be tracked by the rider group. Points will be awarded according to the following formula: all finishers get one point per race finish, with third place getting 1+1, second getting 1+2, and first getting 1+3. What the points mean in the end will be decided by the oversight committee.

So far at least one season Cheapionship prize has been identified. The season Cheapion will win one pound of Lutefisk. Second place (aka “First Loser”) will receive two pounds of Lutefisk. Third place (aka “Slightly Inferior to First Loser”) will be awarded three pounds of Lutefisk. The rest of the losers will have to make due with the scraps and other ludicrously useless prizes that are awarded by the oversight committee with extreme prejudice as they see fit.

Complaint Resolution and Protests

Complaints about this class can be directed to the Northwest Ninja 250 Cup oversight committee (aka Cheapskate Cup Overlords). Overlords at this time are Phil Cook, Tim O'Mahony and Michael Bateman. Additional Overlords may be added as we see fit.

Frivolous complaints, grumbling, bad attitudes or allegations of cheating will get the complainer laughed out of the pits and likely branded with a "kick me I'm stupid" sign.