Two Brothers Racing Slip-ons

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Two Brothers Racing recently got into the Ninja 250 exhaust game with a set of slip-on cannisters. TBR list price is $414 as of this writing.

The Two Brothers dyno chart shows a slight increase in HP and torque, and a noticeable smoothing of the curve. As always, manufacturer claims of increased power should be taken with a grain of salt. TBR suggests rejetting for maximum performance. Do not, however, use the Dynojet kit that they recommend. Use the Factory Pro kit instead, or DIY, with jets from your dealer.

From your fellow club members:

  • Installation is very simple and straightforward. The installation instructions are excellent.
  • Packaging includes a tube of silicone gasket and its own brackets.
  • The sound is nice and deep, much better than stock.
  • It is very LOUD. As in Harley loud, but it does sound powerful.
  • The pipes do look nice.
  • There is no real difference in performance.
  • The cans are small and oval, maybe half the size of the OEM ones. W=3”; H=4”
  • They're super light (about a pound or so per can) and SHINY!!
  • The tone is really low. It doesn't sound like a 250 or a sport bike so much as an 1100 V-Star.
  • You get to keep your centerstand. The left pipe has a triangular bracket for the rubber centerstand bumper.
  • I LOVED the way my Ninja sounded at idle with the TBR pipes. But anything above idle was just ridiculously loud, not to mention unnecessary.

Sound clip on YouTube