Toolmaker's mirror extensions v3

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By ToolMaker

A while ago I built some prototype "upside down" mirror mounts. They were meant as a proof of concept, and after about 1000 miles I'm satisfied with the idea. They are more useful to me than the stock mounts; there's no blind spot after about 5 feet behind me, nothing obstructs them (not even my saddlebags), and they're about the same height and in pretty much the same focal plane as the gauges. And in crowded motorcycle parking, they don't get "adjusted" by other bikes parking too close as often as the stock mounts.

I was bothered by how random the v1 and v2 prototypes looked, so I built v3. I haven't had time to pretty them up, but the design part is done. They need quite a bit of finishing before I'll be happy. The main things I wanted to do with this version was gain better rear vision and reduce weight and drag.

FullFrontalS.jpg StbdMirrorMountFrontS-1.jpg

PortMirrorMountFrontAbove2S.jpg PortMirrorMountFrontAboveS.jpg


The distance from the upper pin in the base at the rubber gasket to center of the ball joint where it meets the mirror:

  • Stock mount: 2 3/8 inches
  • Version 1: 2 7/8 inches
  • Version 3: 3 3/4 inches

So, a mirror in V1 is 1/2" further out than stock and V3 is 1 3/8" further out, but 1 3/8" may be a little much. V3 is further aft and a little down compared to stock and V1. There isn't any difference in performance between V1 and V3 so far. I attribute the better vision entirely to their vertical position, not their horizontal or fore/aft position.

I checked how the mirrors work with different body positions. Turns out no matter whether I'm bolt upright or laying on the tank I get the same view.