Summer's here, and the used parts are on the street

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Courtesy of Silver

Finally. Coming home yesterday I saw them in hordes and let me tell ya, this year is looking good. Nice, sporty fast bikes with lots of cool parts: Harleys, CBRs, R6s. I mean, like, lots of really cool bikes and parts. Temps in the low 80's and it was just amazing. Saw an SV650S, one of the bikes on my short list, and the rider was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. Cool. Some scarred fairings, but really little damage when he takes a low-speed fall and sells it as a salvage bike. The debriding and total scarring should see him willing to negotiate on the price.

Then there was the Harley rider with the leather vest, fingerless gloves and half helmet. I hear Harleys survive wrecks fairly well, and the accident won't affect the DNA pool, as the wiped-out face and non-functional fingers/arms won't be genetic. Cool. Might be able to get a real man's bike at last.

Had a really nice R6 pass me. He had it a little together, cutting through the traffic at speed. Jeans, sneakers, t shirt, no gloves, and full face helmet with that mohawk thing on top. Unfortunately, he will most likely be able to tell someone else what he wants typed into eBay for the wrecked parts, so I may or may not get some slick parts at a good price.

I think the word is getting out on the girls with the halter tops and shorts. Haven't seen a lot of them. Maybe things will improve as summer comes on stronger and the urge to mate really kicks in. Really good photo ops on that front. Those Kodak disposables make for really good as-you-need-it cameras to show before and after pics.

For you real speed freaks I present the ZX10. Full face helmet, t shirt, shorts, no gloves and, would you believe it, sandals. Yes! Now, if he instinctively puts down his hands and feet on the fall, and the helmet saves his smallish head, then I am guessing he will be so discouraged with riding he may well give the bike away for free, or at a very nominal cost. This is really good for us. What more could we ask for?

Oh, you lucky son of a guns in South Carolina. Little Billy goes out on his brand spanking new 160 mph 10/11 second bike with no helmet and wipes out. Oh, but to live there. It is really worth a trip there for some parts as his parents lament the purchase of his bike and blame it for his untimely demise. Really, they see it as the weapon that destroyed him, and you can spend pennies on the dollar picking up both parts and bikes. What an opportunity for us!

Darn near forgot you scooter riders. I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in Atlanta, cake. Check out those Burgmans. Lots of storage space, easy riding with fairings, 60ish mpg, and some will even hit the 100 mph mark. The great part is that the riders usually have half helmets, dainty gloves, linen shirts, really thin slacks, and loafers. You know Mom will be unloading that while taking care of Dad's wounds and still catering to the children. I mean, come on guys/gals, the market will be ripe for the picking very soon.

Those of you who are really not into the full experience of riding (and therefore not into having a power sander with the equivalent of 60 grit used on your feet, face, hands, back, arms and legs) well, you are really not true bikers. At any rate, ATGATT weenies, you too should have a good year, as apparel should exceed demand, therefore keeping prices low. Consider yourselves lucky, as this is not intended but is a by-product of market saturation.

As for me, I've taken out the sides on two full face helmets and burst the seams on biker boots as well as gloves. I know, I'm not a real biker. It is part of this married life thing, really. The wife said she would not be nice to me if I looked like a real biker after the fact. I know, it really is too bad, but look at all the good parts and bikes I will have access to. Gotta look at the bright side of things, you know.

The tanning lotion is out early, and with the price of gas up it is going to be a killer year.