Spares to bring to a track day

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When you go to a track you have to plan for the very real possibility of a crash. Crashing sucks, even at a track, but if you have the right stuff you will stand a better chance of getting your bike re-operational and being able to take advantage of the rest of your day. It beats going home.

Here are some generally recommended items to bring. If you are making a habit of going to the track, you might want to keep a box with most of this stuff in it.

  • clutch lever
  • brake lever
  • spare rearset peg or footpegs
  • spare clipon bar
  • spare grips
  • clutch cable
  • inline fuel filter and fuel lines
  • oil
  • brake fluid
  • spark plugs
  • duct tape (naturally)
  • zip ties
  • tools
  • spare helmet & gloves