Scraping Pegs

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The footpeg feelers are there for a reason, and that's to tell you that you're about to lean over too far. If you're consistently scraping them it may be time to improve your riding technique, suspension, or both.

It is the general opinion of this board that if you are scraping pegs while street riding, either your technique needs improvement or you're going too fast. Or both.

To practice: Try making circles in an empty parking lot at about 10-15 mph. Keep making the circle tighter to gain confidence - and eventually it won't go over any further...scraaaape.

It's not a good idea to go much further than that, as the centerstand, sidestand mount plate or exhaust pipe will drag at really high lean angles and can lever the rear tire right off of the ground, introducing the words "high side" and "road rash" into your vocabulary.

You really have to have faith that the bike will stay under you, but it will, as long as you have the correct tire pressure and are on dry, clean pavement. Go over too far, though, and things will happen fast.