Replacing turn signal bulbs

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2005 and earlier models

Link to parts diagram

You need a Phillips screwdriver. First, remove the single screw in the back of the signal housing. Pop out the reflector that holds the bulb. Then remove the two screws on the back of the reflector that hold on the blinker lens. Replace the bulb with an 1156 or 1056 bulb (not 1157/1057).


Remove this screw to remove the lens/base assembly from the housing.

Signal01.jpg Signal02.jpg

After removing the lens/base assembly, remove these two screws to remove the lens and access the bulb.


To remove the bulb, push it in and twist counter-clockwise to release it from the socket. After removing the bulb, check the contact for cleanliness.


Installation is in reverse order of removal. Try to avoid touching the new bulb with your bare hands. Don't over-tighten the screws; they only thread into plastic. Don't lose the rubber gasket between the lens and base, or the new bulb won't last very long if you ride in the rain.

2006-07 model years

The signals on these bikes are slightly different. So are the bulbs. We're not quite sure what the industry bulb number is on these. The Kawasaki number is 92069-0003 (10 watts). You'll have to take the bulb out and match it up in your auto parts store.

For removal, note that these models have the screw under the housing.

Link to parts diagram