Replacing instrument cluster bulbs

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If you do any riding at all in the dark, you'll have a good idea if one of the bulbs goes out in your gauges. This is easily remedied; it should take about an hour, maybe more if you have to go to the parts store for bulbs.

Reaching the back of the cluster is pretty straightforward:

  • Remove upper fairing
  • Remove headlight from bracket (four 10mm bolts located on the side of the headlight)
  • Remove instrument cluster from bracket (three 8mm nuts on the back of the cluster). Take care to note that there are three black metal washers located under the nuts. It wouldn't be the end of the world if you reinstalled everything without them, but they do tend to stick to the rubber bushings that the cluster mounts to and will then seek freedom when you pull the cluster free.

You will now see this:


Circled in blue are the three studs that hold the cluster to the bracket. In red are the idiot lights, and in green are the three backlights.

The sockets are mounted in rubber plugs that are just press fitted into the cluster. Grab the rubber and pull it out. You might find it a challenge to get a good grip on the little bit of the rubber socket that is there, but do not use this as an excuse to pull on the wires. It is generally a bad idea to pull on wires, instead of the boot.

Here's the socket out of the cluster, with the lamp still in it:


Looks like that one is burnt out....

Enter a package of #194 lamps:


Plug in the new lamp, and there is illumination!


The idiot lights are smaller than the backlights. Same drill; grab the rubber socket and pull:


The idiot light bulbs are another wedge-type lamp about half the size of the 194 type; bulbs are #74.


All that's left is to button it all back up and make sure everything lights when it's supposed to.