Removing 250J tank & bodywork

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It takes only 20 minutes to pop off both side fairings. You simply need a 4mm and 5mm allen, a #3 phillips screwdriver, and a flat-bladed screwdriver.

First, disconnect the turn signals at the connector.

250j 052.jpg

For each side you need to remove the phillips screw on each of the side covers under the seat first and get that cover out of the way. A #3 phillips is the correct tool for the job.

250j 053.jpg

Then, on each side you need to remove two 5mm headed (allen) screws,

250j 054.jpg 250j 055.jpg

five 4mm headed screws,

250j 056.jpg 250j 057.jpg 250j 058.jpg

then two press-in keepers.

250j 059.jpg

The way the press-in keepers work is you push the center in, then pull the whole thing out. To re-install, reset it by pulling the center out, which allows the whole thing to be put back in place. Then just push the center back to flush.

Finally, there are 3 pull-out keepers that are what hold both fairings together.

250j 060.jpg

To remove the pull-out keepers, use a screwdriver to pry up the part outlined in white (see photo). Then the whole thing comes out.


Once that's done, you just wiggle the fairings loose from the front cowl and set them aside in a nice safe place (not on the floor).

Those rubber fairing thingies

Unlike previous 250s, Kawi is making use of little rubber fasteners to hold the fairings on. These are called Well Nuts. The problem with them is that most people way over-tighten these items, and that causes them to crack and fail. Kinda like this one:

250j 009.jpg

That one is ruined. It needs to be replaced, which brings us to the next point. What's the difference between the one on the left and the one on the right?

250j 007.jpg

About 6 bucks. The one on the right is "Kawi Official" and clocks in at over $7. The one on the left came from the hardware store for $0.80. Plan ahead: If you're ever going to remove the fairings, find these little gems first. It shouldn't be too hard. If they can be found in East Nowhere, Wyoming, then there shouldn't be many people who won't have them available locally.

If you'd rather sit at your computer and let UPS come to you, you can order them from Desmo Parts or Ca Sport Touring.

The part number and description is: 92015B 92015-1757 NUT,WELL,5MM So, you need 5mm Well Nuts. You may find them labeled 10s, c-550 and/or j1032. Well Nuts are very common for installing windshields, so you should be able to find them in generic baggies at motorcycle shops, too.

Gas tank

  • There are two 5mm headed allen bolts holding the front seat to the frame. Remove those, push the seat back, and up and off it comes.
  • Once you've removed the seat you will see the two 10mm headed bolts holding the back of the gas tank down. Remove those, and then you can lift up the tank a little bit, disconnect the fuel gauge wire, and disconnect the vacuum line from the petcock.
  • On the left side of the gas tank, near the front, is the drain hose. Disconnect that.
  • Finally, remove the main fuel line from the left carb. It's much easier removing it there than at the petcock.
  • Off comes the tank. Put it somewhere safe.