Proper posting, or "Why did I get flamed?"

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There is a big difference between a person who is a user and one who is appreciative. If all someone wants to do is use this as their personal service center, then we won't feel any great obligation to help them. If you are around, want to learn, and are willing to help yourself, then people will bend over backwards to help you. Being stuck with a problem isn't a problem - we work together and solve it. Being a user, on the other hand, is a problem.

Which of these posters would you rather respond to?

1: hay I jst got 250 an' I went 2 m8k it wheelie tell me how 2 put a bigger motor in it.
2: Hey I just got a 250 and I want to make it faster - can I put a 500 in it?
3: I was thinking about putting a 500cc engine into the 250. I checked the FAQ and it said I couldn't. I did a search and found an old post about Leon doing some swaps - anything new with that project? I'd be interested in trying it myself if it worked.

Think of this site as a library, and not an information booth, and everyone will be happily riding on their way.