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What oil filters are available?

This list shows oil filters which are a direct replacement for the Kawasaki unit sold by dealers. Most are around half the price of the Kawasaki filter. These part numbers were checked in July 2007 and are believed to be accurate. Should you have any doubt, check your store's cross-reference list.

  • Amsoil: SMF 101 (No longer available. Replaced by WIX 24941.)
  • CarQuest: CFI-89941
  • Emgo: 10-37500 (includes O-rings) 10-20300 (doesn't have O-rings)
  • Fram: CH6012
  • Hastings: LF571
  • Honda: 15410-426-010 or 15410-300-024
  • Kawasaki: 16099-003
  • K&N: KN-401
  • NAPA: PS4941 (formerly 4941)
  • Perf-Form: OF-0047 (formerly J-501)
  • Purolator: ML16812
  • STP: SMO-12 (Once readily available, now appears to have been discontinued.)
  • Triumph: 1210031
  • Vesrah: SF-4004
  • WIX: 24941
  • Yamaha: 36Y-13441-00

At least one of these filters will be available at any reasonable auto parts store, such as AutoZone, Pep Boys, Schucks/Kragen/Checker, NAPA, Wal-Mart, etc. This is not a common part, so they may not always be in stock. Plan ahead/stock up. The two O-rings for the filter should be included. Check the box.

As most cartridge-type filters are more or less the same, any of the above filters will be of good quality. There is, however, one brand of filter which several club members DON'T recommend. That is HiFloFiltro. They take longer for the oil pressure light to go out after starting than with other filters. One member reported that at 3000 miles it started shifting funny, and the oil light stayed on longer than normal. His second Hi-Flo did the same thing at a little over 3000 miles. Other filters can go many more miles without these symptoms showing up.