Installing a Trail Tech Vapor

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This is one of the aftermarket gauge sets that has actually been used on a couple EX250s. One of the club people says: "It's accurate and has more features than the stock gauges." And another: "I've had those gauges on my bike for a couple months now and they work great."

Here are some mounting tips, although, as with all mods, you're guaranteed to run into something you're going to have to figure out for yourself.

  • The directions say to cut the hose to the radiator to install the temp sensor. However, you can just remove the stock temp sensor, unscrew the Trail Tech temp sensor from its housing, and screw the Trail Tech sensor in the location of the Kawasaki OEM sensor.
  • Run the tachometer wire to one of the coils, instead of wrapping it around a spark plug wire as the directions say.
  • To fix erratic rpm reading (tremendous swing from very low to very high for no reason), you'll want to connect the red wire running from the TT Vapor tach to the black wire on the coil (while sitting on bike - left coil) and the black wire from the TT Vapor tach to the horn mounting bolt. If you are using the RED lead off the coil to your RED TT Vapor wire ... this needs to change.
  • For the speedometer, use the magnet that is supplied and follow the directions for attaching that magnet that are in the bicycle speedo article. Epoxy or JB Weld work to hold the magnet to the brake rotor. Run the wire for the speedometer along the brake hose.
  • For power, use the wiring for one of the bulbs that illuminated the stock gauges. That way the Vapor will turn on when the key is on.
  • Mounting it up? All you really need is a little imagination and a couple pieces of metal.
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