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Everyone knows how the bike looks with the stock fender. Some find it annoying; some don't. Here's how to perform a fender-ectomy, should you be in the first group. Just remember that you might want the fender there on rainy days.

The bike started out like this:

BrianM Fender Mod 1.jpg

There are a few different steps that need to occur in this process. The license plate light is first. The plastic from a CD case works great for the bottom of the rear brake lens. Pull the lens (2 screws), and pop out this piece of plastic:

BrianM Fender Mod 2.jpg BrianM Fender Mod 3.jpg

It's just glued in there, so use a small/thin item that you can start prying with (such as a utility knife followed by a screwdriver). Next, trace the piece you removed onto the donor CD case and cut it out/clean it up with a dremel. Then glue it back into the lens with plastic model glue.

BrianM Fender Mod 4.jpg BrianM Fender Mod 5.jpg

That resolves the need (legally) for having a license plate light. Next, start on the metal piece that holds the license plate and turn signals. You can find it at a hardware store for a buck or so. It's a joint strengthener for 2x4s (look in the vicinity of the 2x4/building items ~ should be easy to find anywhere). All bending can be done with a simple hammer and a short length of wood (such as an old cutting board or a 2x4). First, measure and bend the tang that holds the whole thing to the bike:

BrianM Fender Mod 6.jpg

Then measure how much material will be needed for the stock turn signals, cut along the first bend and bend the sides back:

BrianM Fender Mod 7.jpg BrianM Fender Mod 8.jpg

Test fitting it to the bike (some holes need to be drilled to do this) and deciding just how high/low you want the turn signals is next:

BrianM Fender Mod 9.jpg

At that point, pull the item for drilling and mounting of the turn signals. Then, it's back on the bike again to see how it looks. The turn signals require a spacer to be held firm, that's the white part you see between the metal bracket and the nut. It's just a plastic spacer from a hardware store.

BrianM Fender Mod 10.jpg BrianM Fender Mod 11.jpg BrianM Fender Mod 12.jpg

Finally, mount the existing license plate hanger to the fabricated holder and paint the whole thing. The VERY last step is cutting the original plastic fender. You always want to leave the most expensive part for last, as it's a permanent change and you had better well have everything else sorted before you go and destroy that. The whole process takes about an hour, maybe an hour and a half. Cost is about a dollar. Here's the final product:

BrianM Fender Mod 13.jpg

Some people like to put the turn signals in the pods next to the brake light. If you put extra brake lights into those pods instead, you'll have three brake lights. This gives you more noticeable brake lights and retains the stock signals, as shown below, which are more visible than if they were behind red lenses. Having the signals be wider also makes them look more visible.

BrianM Fender Mod 14.jpg BrianM Fender Mod 15.jpg BrianM Fender Mod 16.jpg

Have a few hours? Many different ideas at FDT: Fender Elimination/Signals Integration.