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A headlight modulator causes your high beams to "modulate" from full bright to about 20% of power at a rate of four times a second. Yes, it's legal.

There are two situations where a modulator comes in really handy: (A) Passing on two lane roads, and (B) alerting oncoming traffic when you need to.

(A) Riders have found that slower traffic does move over and let them past more frequently than they did pre-modulator. There are four separate reactions:

  • Little old ladies seem to think that you're a cop and pull over instantly, anywhere.
  • Drivers who normally don't look in their mirrors are alerted by the flashing and now see you. Some move, a few don't, but it's a net gain.
  • The same spaced-out whackos who didn't know there was anybody else on the planet still don't notice or care that you're behind them.
  • Guys in "hot" cars seem to take it as a challenge and try to outrun you (which gets them out of the way, so that's fine...).

(B) Better than the improvement in the passing situation is the new ability to grab the attention of the oncoming doofus who's about to make a left turn or pull out in front of you from a side road. Trucks that start pulling onto the road from the right without really looking may now think twice, and drivers who start to turn left into you will be less likely to do so as soon as you hit the modulator.

There are various opinions on modulators, ranging from "Great" to "Spawn of the Devil", but the >anti< crowd is largely composed of riders who've either never used a modulator or are afraid that using them will just annoy other drivers instead of alerting them, and lead to a more anti-biker attitude on the part of the general public. And, if we all left our modulators blinking all of the time, that might well be the case. But when used sparingly, as they're intended to be, a modulator can significantly improve your safety on a bike. When car drivers who've been involved in car/bike accidents are interviewed, they nearly always say that they just didn't see the bike. A modulator can make that happen a lot less frequently.

Kisan makes a Pathblazer headlight modulator. (They also make the tailBlazer flashing brake light.) Firstly, Kisan (and the Feds) are right; the modulator will get you noticed! But the point with this thing is to use it when you need to, not just leave it on all the time to annoy oncoming drivers.

Another choice is the Diamond Star modulator from Signal Dynamics.

Another option is the VisiPath Modulator from Comagination. Like the Kisan, it's plug and play. It's also very competitively priced.

Comagination headlight modulator video

Comagination brake flasher video Flasher hooked into pods only