I want my own copy of the FAQ

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If you just want to save one page, perhaps to take with you on your portable:

In Firefox, navigate to the page you want to keep. Go to File --> Save Page As --> Save as type: Web page, complete. Then you just have to click on the saved .html file to bring it back up in your browser.

Here's how to download the whole thing:

Get a program called HTTrack Website Copier. This enables you to download, and later update, your own copy of the FAQ. It will be static and won't include later additions, so you'll have to update it from time to time, but you can take the whole thing with you. Size comes out to around 1 GB, and it includes the links to nearly everything. Download time will be however long it takes to download 1 GB. Plan on all night.

To use, go into the folder you saved it in and click on the index.html file. It will open in Firefox and look and work just like the regular FAQ.