How to keep the bodywork hardware organized

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Baggie method

One way to stay organized is to put the bolts from each section you're removing into a a Zip-Lock bag. Place a note in the bag explaining what those bolts fit. Remember to keep the top tank bolts separate from the bottom ones. Beats throwing everything on the floor and trying to remember where they go hours or days later.

Photo method

Below you will find two Ninja 250 pictures, showing the right and left fairing. Lines have been added with circles pointing to where the screws go on the bike. Print these out and mount them to a piece of cereal box cardboard or similar substance. Then laminate them, front and back, to prevent fluid damage. Next, drill holes in each of the circles. The holes should be slightly smaller than the screw diameter, so the screws will fit snugly.

This will help:

  • Not mixing up the screws
  • Keeping your screws in one place, so they don't get lost

Also, a friendly reminder: Keep your plastics well away from your work and walking areas while you have them off your bike. Off the floor, if possible, is the best way. Don't be like one of our members, whose mother ran his over while he was taking a break.

Right side


Left side


After clicking on the thumbnail, there is a high-resolution download feature at the bottom of the page.