How do I submit a profile?

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Here at N250RC, we have two kinds of profiles. One is the forum profile, which is created automatically by the forum software, just like any other forum. It saves your name and allows you to see stuff that Guests don't, like the Off-Topic forum. We also have a "Rider Profile". It's an add-on that Payne made and is where you can put pictures and other personal information. It has absolutely nothing to do with posting; you could be a member of the forum for years and never have it active. It's just an add-on/perk to provide a little more detail about oneself, but it serves no official purpose past that.

If you would like to have a rider profile, please go to Create Profile. Fill in your desired username and email address, and you'll be sent a temporary password and link to edit your new profile. Once you log in for the first time you can change your password, fill in profile info, and upload pictures. Your username will be reserved from then on, meaning no one but you may use it to post articles.

There are some stipulations:

  • Profiles are automatically approved when the Location and Motorcycle(s) fields are filled out and you have made at least one post in any of the "Bikes" sub-forums. Images must be approved before they are publicly visible. We have to do this in order to make sure they are relevant and 'work safe'. An administrator usually takes a look at pending photographs at least once a week.
  • When sending pictures, please keep in mind that everyone knows what a stock Ninja 250 in front of a wall looks like. Try to keep things interesting by sending in pictures from different angles, with unique backgrounds, or with you next to or on the bike. Actually riding the bike is good, too. We will not approve one of the Kawasaki "stock" photos of the 250. Take your own pictures.
  • The longer you hang around, the more photos you can upload. This is why you might be able to upload only four, but you see some profiles with a dozen or more. Membership has its privileges.
  • To get yourself on the map, simply fill in the zip code field in your profile.
If you live outside the U.S., use the latitude and longitude fields instead. To determine these values, use the old map, zoom in to your area, and then click the WhereIsThis radio button and click your area on the map. A popup will tell you your latitude and longitude. One or both numbers may have a negative sign; you have to use these, unless you want your map location to be in Outer Mongolia. If you live inside the United States, do not use the latitude and longitude fields.