How do I change the rear shock?

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What you need:

  • 19mm wrench
  • Suitable ratchet 3/8" drive or larger
  • 10mm socket
  • 17mm socket
  • 10" or longer extension bar for ratchet
  • #2 or #3 Phillips screwdriver
  • Straightish, long prybar or suitable facsimile
  • 6"+ zip ties
  • Coolant (optional)
  • Your new shock

1. Put bike on center stand.

2. Remove seat.

3. Remove left side cover with Phillips screwdriver.

4. Move coolant reservoir out of the way by removing (2) 10mm bolts. Turn reservoir 180 degrees to your left and loosely secure it to whatever's handy with a zip tie. Put the 10mm bolts back into the holes they came from to avoid kicking them to oblivion when you get up to grab your beer.

5. Working from the left side of the bike, break the lower shock shackle bolt loose with the ratchet + extension + 17mm socket. Once it's loosened up, use the 19mm wrench to keep the nut on the other side from turning -- you won't be able to hold it with your fingers. Once the nut is off, wedge the prybar under the back tire and gently wiggle it up and down while pulling on the bolt head; it should come out easily without trashing the threads. Let the back tire rest on the ground.

6. Still working from the left side, locate the 17mm bolt at the top of the shock and remove it. There is no loose nut on the other side to worry about, so just take the bolt out and watch the shock fall to the ground.

7. If you are installing a new shock with an external reservoir, this is a good time to find a place for it. If you have a Works shock and followed Jeb's advice when you ordered it ("reservoir hose at 8.5", and the fitting at 8:30 o'clock"), it attaches to the rear frame tube and tucks neatly behind the coolant tank.

8. Slide the new shock into the top bracket and install the 17mm bolt. Torque to spec.

9. Line up the shock's bottom shackle with its matching hole by using your prybar to lift the rear tire + some judicious tapping. The bolt should slide right in. This is not a job for a hammer, folks. Put the nut on and tighten it up. (Righty tighty, lefty loosey, eh?)

10. If you have an external reservoir, secure it. Use a zip tie to secure the reservoir hose to the frame. #You're done with your shock.

11. Remount coolant tank. This is a good time to fill it, if needed.

12. Replace side cover and seat.

Shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.