How do I adjust the shifter?

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If the shift lever is not in the right place for you, you can adjust it.

The tools you need are in the tool kit. Scratch that - tool. An open-end wrench. The piece you want to adjust is the rod behind the part your foot shifts (see photo).

Starting from the front of the bike this rod is assembled as such.

elbow - lock nut ----------Rod---------locknut - elbow


The elbows have an opposite thread to each other. As a result, if you turn the rod in one direction it screws into both ends, making the rod shorter. If you turn the rod in the opposite direction, it backs out of both ends, making it longer.

If you want to make the rod shorter, you will have to first loosen the locknuts. Then, turn the rod until the shift lever is in the right place. When you are happy with the adjustment, tighten both lock nuts in place. (If you don't loosen the locknuts you won't be able to turn the rod - it's locked in that position.)

FWIW: The lock nuts prevent the rod's length from changing over time, due to vibrations. If you don't tighten the locknuts, they may vibrate enough to completely unscrew, leaving you minus a shift rod in the middle of nowhere. By tightening the locknuts the rod can't vibrate loose, as it is under tension at all times.


See the long rod behind the part of the shift lever that you move with your foot (in red)?

a) If you adjust it to make it longer (in yellow) it rocks the shifter down. If you go too far down, it makes it hard to get your toe under - BUT you have more range of motion with your foot, and it makes upshifts easier.
b) If you adjust it to make it shorter (in blue) it rocks the shifter up. If you go too far up, it makes it hard to get your toe over - BUT you have more range of motion with your foot and it makes downshifts easier. Since downshifts are already easier, it's not usually necessary to move very far in this direction, unless you're having trouble getting your boot under the shifter.

Big-time adjustment

Adjusting the rod will work for nearly all the adjustments you will need to make. However, if you plan on riding with Gene Simmons platform shoes, or while your left foot is in a cast, you can remove the shifter from the splined shaft that comes out of the transmission.

Mark the original location before you slide it off, so you have a starting point when making adjustments.


Remove the bolt (finger), pull the shifter off, and move it to a new position on the shaft.


Since those bolts are known to fall off in normal use, put some blue Loctite on it when you put it back together.