How do I add images to my article?

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If you want to put just one image in a post, simply go to the 'Upload Image' box below the message field. Click 'Browse' to search through the folders on your computer. This is uaually easiest to do if the image is on your desktop. The image must be less than 300kB in file size, otherwise the system will reject it. Please keep the dimensions at 800x600 or less as well.

If your photo is too large, which it almost surely is, you can use image editing software to produce a smaller version. Irfanview and Photoscape are good free programs. Photoscape has a batch editor, where you can resize lots of photos at the same time. Another option is, an online resizer; FixPicture is another one. If you have Windows XP (not Vista) the PowerToys Image Resizer lets you right click on your thumbnail and choose a variety of sizes to change your image to.

Showing more than one image in a post

Please do not submit multiple posts to upload multiple photos. The board upload tool only works for one image per post. In order to show more than one picture, send the pictures to a 3rd-party webspace that will host them for you, such as Flickr, Photobucket,, or Image Shack.

How this works is you just copy and paste the URL from a photo on your online storage site into your article (the site will usually tell you how to 'share' your photos). Next, highlight the URL, then hit the 'Img' box under the text box. The correct tags for displaying your online picture in your post will be added to your URL. You can do this for as many different pictures as you want to in the same post.

You have to use an URL that ends with the image extension, such as '.jpg' . For example, this:


Will give you this:


On some sites you may have to edit your image a little. If you get an URL that looks like this:

You'll have to lop off the letters at the end to get to where the extension (.jpg) is the last part. Then just highlight the whole thing and hit 'Img'.

If you've never hosted pictures before, Photobucket is probably the easiest to use. Sign up, follow their directions to upload your resized pictures, and then you'll be ready to display them in the forum. Your images will be arranged in a gallery, with all the photos in that gallery in thumbnails on one page. Hold your mouse on the picture you want to link to, and four boxes will appear under the image. The bottom one is 'Img Code'. Click in that box to highlight it, then right click and 'copy'. Then go to your forum post and 'paste'. It'll look like this, complete with the codes you need for it to display on the board:


And will display as: