How do I add HTML to my article?

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On the post page, you will notice that there are some buttons below the main message field; these are shortcut keys that will insert some selected html code templates for you. There is also the link to the emoticons.

These buttons have really superseded the need for any HTML usage on the board. It's pretty much understood that if you want to use HTML, you already know how to do it. About the only thing you would need to know is how to generate a link, should you want your text to look cleaner and not have the whole URL in your post.

Here's how. You just use a standard link tag (copy this one): <a href=""></a>

  • Copy or type the entire URL you want to link to ( including the http:// ) between the quotation marks,

i.e... "" (This is the part that won't show when posted.)

  • Put the text you want to appear on the page between the > and the </a>, like this: >Read The FAQ</a>
  • Read The FAQ will be the only thing that shows up on the page. That is your link.