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The Golden Rule Rally is an annual event to celebrate the Ninja 250 community spirit by encouraging us to meet each other. The Rally is open to all riders who have a profile posted at You can see how people have participated in past years by clicking on the links at You can click on the Location links within each year to see writeups and pictures people submitted. Various factors kept 2011 from really happening, but we're hoping popularity will rise again in 2012.

The basic idea behind the rally is to get board members to meet each other while riding. When you meet up, take a picture. Everyone in the picture gets one point from everyone else, unless you've already met them this year. Pictures taken outside the lower 48 US states will be awarded two points per rider. Pictures taken outside North America will be awarded four points per rider.


  • Two riders: Each gets one point.
  • Big meet with 10 riders: Each rider gets 9 points.
  • Meet with 6 riders, 3 of whom you've already submitted for this year: You get 2 points, other riders get 5 each (no duplicates, in other words).

Submit the picture to by using "Report Meet" on this page. The photo should contain a minimum of two riders and a Ninja 250. Give the date and location, as well as the screen names of the riders in the picture. Only one rider needs to submit the photo and name information. As you have to be in the photo to get points, you might want to find a bystander to take the photo for you.

If neither of you rides a Ninja 250 to the meeting place, you should take some extra time to find a Ninja 250 for the picture. Exceptions are at the discretion of the judges.

Any ride from April 1 to November 1, 2012 is eligible. This is to take away some of the advantage southern-tier residents have when it comes to riding season length. All photos must be submitted by November 10. As it's now June as we're publishing this, we'll cut you some slack if you submit rides from April or May that have no photo. The winner of the rally will determine the place for the awards party.

Please also write about your meet. A forum that's only about "My bike won't start - HELP!!" is pretty boring, so please post a short (or long) blurb about your ride in the Ride Tales section of the forums. You just might inspire somebody to take a ride and not waste their next weekend at Disney World.

Some useful links



Map showing members near you

Main Profile page - use the search function at the bottom to find people near you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM Bokonon or email (direct link under Report Meet).