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UPDATE: As of 2 pm Wed, May 31 (EST), 8 of the 13 categories are completed. Should you want to help, find a red link in New Riders, Suspension, Intake, Bodywork & Frame, or Protective Gear and have at it. If your page has a lot of photos, let me do it. I have all the Images on my computer, and it's five times faster for me to do it the second time than for someone else to try it.

Thanks, Bokonon

Okay, here are the rules of the game.

Most of you probably won't be really familiar with wiki, so here's the skinny.

Entering data in the wiki is more-or-less like entering plain text, except you add a bunch of special symbols to make special things, like links, happen. This page can be linked just by naming it in double-square-brackets: FAQ Recovery. I just typed [[FAQ Recovery]] to make that happen.

Learn a little more about Wiki editing, you can either view the sources for other pages on this site (click 'edit'), or (much better!) read the manual. It is here: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Editing#Editing_basics

Now, the goal here is simple. Take FAQ articles from the FAQ mirror at http://ninja250.kingston.net/cgi-bin/faq-index.cgi and make them into wiki content in here, http://faq.ninja250.org.

The pages should look the same on both sites when you're done. Images and image thumbnails should not be linked from the oldimages directory; rather, they should be downloaded to your computer and uploaded "fresh".

I would suggest cutting and pasting content whenever possible. This should both reduce the amount of work to do, and decrease the number of typographical errors.

I will now post Work Assignments. Keep an eye on that page, if there is work assigned to you, do it. When it is done, mark an X to the left of it and ask for more.

Note editting the Work Assignments page -- get in and out as fast as possible. I don't know what happens if two people edit the same page at once.

Bokonon adds:

Images: We don't currently have an image bank, so if you have a picture to put in your article, just double space, put [[Image:]], and keep going.

How to tell where to put something: Always start from Main Page. There are eleven categories there. Try to consider where your article will best fit. Many of the page titles are already in place. If something is blue, that means there are more page titles beyond it. Click on that link to see what other page titles are on the next page of that section. If something is red, it hasn't been started (or saved) yet.

On second thought, it might be easier to use the SEARCH on the real Wiki to see if your page title is already on there.

External links (those not to other Wiki pages) look like this: [fullwebaddress Company Name] . Leave a space between the address you copied from your browser and the text (Company Name) that appears on the page.

Internal links (to other Wiki pages) look like this: [[Page Name]] .

Any questions, e-mail Bokonon: elmermgv at so-net dot net dot tw

Remember, there is a time difference. I'm 12 hours ahead of EDT, 15 hours ahead of PDT. I may not get back to you right away. On the other hand, I don't sleep much.

Thanks everyone.