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Every once in a while we get a post asking if you can tell the model year of an engine from the engine number. Well, Kawasaki doesn't give out this information, as it would allow people to figure out their sales figures, which are confidential. However, one can observe and write stuff down. This is an unofficial list put together from experience and physically verified by AP.

There’s no guarantee that this list is 100% accurate, but these are pretty solid numbers, obtained by comparing VIN and engine numbers. The engine numbers are sequential, so there is a start and end range. Keep in mind that the engine number only dates the case, since the other parts could have been changed. But this is usually very unlikely.

There are casting marks on various parts of the engine that give the year they were made. The head and valve cover have these markings, and the engine case halves do, too. The complete engine number is just in one place: the rear right side of the crankcase, above the grounding bolt.

EX250 EEA15620 2005-2.jpg 000 0006.JPG 845833.jpg

There is a little start and end data missing here, but that should only put some of the list off by one model year for those years in which little information is available (early 1987, 1989, 1997, and 2000).


The same engine was used in these bikes:

  • EX250- E/F/G/H
  • EL250- A/B/C/D/E/F
  • KLE250- A

The question marks on the end of the numbers are the sequential numbers that give the exact engine number. Since the same engine was used for years, the exact digit in this part of the engine number isn’t critical.

1986 EX250EE000001

1987 EX250EE008???

1988 EX250EE015170

1989 EX250EE053???

1990 EX250EE058???

1991 EX250EE073???

1992 EX250EE088???

1993 EX250EE101???

1994 EX250EE118???

1995 EX250EE127???

1996 EX250EE137???

1997 EX250EE149???

1998 EX250EE151???

1999 EX250EE158???

2000 EX250EE16????

2001 EX250EE167???

2002 EX250EE170???

2003 EX250EE18????

2004 EX250EEA00001 Start of assembly in Thailand

2005 EX250EEA084??

2006 EX250EEA16???

2007 EX250EEA29???


2008 EX250JE000001 Carb
2008 EX250KEA00001 Fuel injected

2009 EX250JEA29???

2010 EX250JEA55???
2010 EX250KEA21???

2011 EX250JEA7????

2012 EX250JEA95??? and continues through EX250JEAA????


Here are some engine numbers and the decoded year of manufacture.

EX250EEA22821 = 2006

000 0009.JPG

EX250EEA15699 = 2005

000 0007.JPG

EX250EE168247 = 2001

000 0008.JPG