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Ninja 250 business cards

The Ninja 250 business cards are once again available for purchase. They cost $0.10 each, with a minimum order of 25 cards ($2.50). Shipping is included in the cost of the cards.

Magnetic cards are also available for $1.00 each. There is a minimum order of 3, unless you are ordering above regular business cards.

Pictures below show front & rear.

N250rc front.jpg N250rc back.jpg

To order cards you can send PayPal to

Your cards will normally ship within 2-3 business days of receipt of your order.

T-shirts, stickers, mugs, bibs, and other stuff

N250RC has two stores on Cafe Press. The following designs are from our Spring 2009 T-shirt contest. This store is here.

Varga.jpg Property of.jpg

Shadowed.jpg Shadowed back.jpg

There are also lots of items with the Ninja 250 club logo being sold at our regular store on Cafe Press.

These first pictures show one of the actual shirts. This shirt is a medium, and our model is 5' 8" and of medium build. He reports that both the shirt and the image look very good.

Green back.jpg Green front.jpg

Full back.jpg Full front.jpg

On the left is a photo of the rectangular refrigerator magnet. The image quality on this product is also good. At right, a cut-down sticker makes a great helmet accessory.

Magnet 2.jpg DSCN3308-3.jpg

The rest of these images show a sampling of what is available at the Nina 250 Cafe Press site.

Golf shirt.jpg Spagetti.jpeg

Junior ringer front.jpeg Junior ringer back.jpeg

Dark shirt - charcoal.jpeg Light t-shirt ash.jpeg

Bib.jpg Bodysuit.jpg

Sticker rectangular.jpg Clock.jpg

Bbq apron.jpg License plate.jpg

Boxers.jpg Thong.jpg