Cleaning your exhaust pipes

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First off, assuming you're trying to get boot/shoe residue off (most common problem), try cleaning while the pipes are still warm (not hot). This will allow the rubber to be softer from the heat and will make it easier to remove.

  • WD-40 works well for general cleaning on black or chrome exhaust cans. So does penetrating oil, such as Liquid Wrench. Wash the residue off after use.
  • If you have scuff marks from your boots, E-Z Off oven cleaner will remove them (from chrome cans, at least). Make sure you let it soak through the scuff marks for a bit.
  • Another product that works on chrome is Mothers Wheel Polish.
  • See this review of Blue Job Chrome Polish.
  • Again, for chrome pipes (we're not sure about painted ones), Range Kleen from Sears has been recommended. It comes in either kit form, including a cleaning pad and scraper, or as just the cleaning liquid. One rider used this to get melted saddle baggage off her pipes.
  • Another recommendation is to use a good old razor blade. We're not sure if this will hurt the paint on black pipes, though. Hold it nearly horizontal. The closer to parallel to the pipe, the more it will just slip across the metal, but will get under the stuff stuck to the pipes and cut through it.