Changing to a Next Gen oil screen cover/drain plug

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One of the improvements Kawasaki made on the 08+ 250J model was to change the oil drain bolt location. Instead of loosening the drain bolt from the block every time you change the oil, in the new system the drain bolt is part of the oil screen cover. Changing your F series bike to this new cover has the following advantages:

  • If you cross-thread the drain bolt, you replace it with another plate/cover, instead of figuring out how to salvage the motor.
  • You don't mess with the motor drain plug anymore.
  • You can change the oil with the bike on the sidestand.
  • Metal gasket is easier to replace than the paper one.


  • Gives about 1" less ground clearance - no more sidewalk jumping.
  • Costs about $100.

To see more about the setup on the newer bike, look here.

Overall view; that's the old cover to the left:


The two of them side by side:


You'll need to obtain the two longer bolts from the EX250J if you do the swap:


A couple measurements:

The EX250F at its thickest (including the paper gasket):


The EX250J at the point where the long bolts go through (including the metal gasket):


The EX250J at its thickest (including the metal gasket):


Finally, the 250J piece has a metal gasket instead of a paper one. You'll need one:


So, if you want to make this swap, you'll need

  • new plate (14091-1575)
  • metal gasket (11061-0341)
  • the two longer bolts (132BB0645 x2)
  • drain bolt crush washer (92065-097)
  • oil drain plug (92066-1174).

You won't have any clearance issues with the housing/drain plug and the lower cowl. The housing is centered at rear of the lower cowl opening. When installed, the housing/drain plug sit slightly below the bottom of the lower cowl. The only clearance issue will be with a drain pan if you try to change oil on the centerstand. The drain plug points toward the left rear at a slight downward angle, directly at the left centerstand leg. Use the sidestand for oil changes.

Lower cowl clearance:


Centerstand down:



EX250OilPlug2.jpg EX250OilPlug5-2.jpg