Can I import a motorcycle into Canada?

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The official Registrar of Imported Vehicles website is quite helpful, and will give you all the legal information needed to buy a bike in the US and import it into Canada.

Follow this link for a guide from a Toronto-area forum.

Here is one member's experience in Ontario:

I first went down to the dealer and paid for the bike. I got a Certificate of Vehicle Origin, a recall clearance letter stating that there are no factory recalls for the bike (Canada requires that) and, of course, the bill of sale. Then I had to report to US export control where they photocopied my CVO and told me to come back at least 72 hours later.

72 hours later I brought the bike back on a trailer. US customs does an "inspection" before you can leave, which is basically to make sure the bike is what you claim it is and that the VIN matches the CVO. Then they stamp it. You then report to Customs Canada. There you pay 7% GST and get your Registrar of Imported Vehicles paperwork filled out (Form 1).

With all your documentation you then go to the RIV office, show them all your papers, pay $209 and receive Form 2. With Form 2 you go to a Canadian Tire store and they do an "inspection". It was a simple safety check and also a VIN check. They sign your Form 2.

Then you need insurance. This was a bit tricky. I ended up calling around 10 places. It can get frustrating since no one knows what an ex250 is, or they give you some outrageous quote (well over $2000/year) or more commonly tell you they can't insure it because its a super sport (yeah right!). The cheapest insurance quote I got was the company (Primmum) my dad was insured under on his bike and what I was insured on as "occasional rider". But, the catch was they wanted me to get an appraisal on the bike, and no amount of trying to reason with them helped.

Anyway, the appraisal thing was unexpected and it wasted another week before I could ride the bike. I ended up paying $175 so some "qualified" guy could come over, take a few pictures, write down some specs, and simply use my bill of sale plus taxes to determine what the bike was worth.

After the insurance agreed to insure me, I went to a Ministry of Transportation office. There I paid 8% PST and a $10 "transfer fee". They took my CVO and gave me an Ontario registration. I got a license plate and sticker, and almost 3 weeks after initially paying for the bike I finally got to ride it.