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I got a small cooler to mount under the radiator, to fill that empty spot. Well turned out not fitting there, so had to move it up in front of the radiator instead. Oil viscosity for my bike is not an issue, due to I use Shell Rotella 5w-40 synthetic which I run year round. Oil temperatures are higher than coolant, due to several reasons two main ones are the friction, and higher boiling point. I'm also not worried about over cooling the oil, due to the size of the cooler.

To be honest the only determining factor was the size of cooler, I wanted it to fit in the gap under the radiator, but this one was just a little too big, although I'm going to take another look at it over the winter season. For the time being it's zip tied in front of the radiator to the screen.

$30 from eBay

it's just a straight thru, with no thermostat. Nope, the cooler is just in/out no flow direction on the one I used.

Installation was easy, I removed the external oil pressure line, the one located in the front of the engine, going from the lower to the upper part of the engine.

It doesn't make any difference on which line goes where for the oil cooler, just that they don't pay on anything that is hot, or might rub them. If you look at the online photo album there are more pictures there.

I did use the OEM fittings as they matched the cooler hoses perfectly, I just used new washers on them which came with the kit.

I crisscrossed the lines due to the length of the hoses that came with the kit, also the banjo fittings have a slight angle to them, so angle them accordingly, which will be obvious.

After riding

I know the next question " how will I ever know it's doing anything?" Well I'm glad you asked, because I have an oil temperature gauge, that takes to place of the oil fill cap on the clutch cover. I have been keeping an eye on it, and on average it reads 80℃.

My ride report on the oil cooler, with the ambient temperature pretty much the same as yesterday's, and rode the exact same route, and style.

Without the oil cooler, oil temperature was 80℃(176℉), with oil cooler 66℃(151℉).

I know this sounds low, and I know it is, since the oil temperature gauge is just kinda mounted in the clutch cover, and your right. But it's all relative, and there is a definite temperature drop.

Bottom line is I'm happy with it, and cooler oil is always a good thing.