Wiring schematics & diagrams

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Disclaimer & warning:

Be careful when using these diagrams. The harness changed bit by bit over the years. Wires changed color without notice.

You can use the schematic to find the wire you're looking for, but NEVER assume that it's correct. Test any wire for function before splicing into/diverting/eliminating it. For instance, the wiring diagram in the 2002 Service Manual Supplement isn't even 100% correct for the '02 bike, and the '04 is different yet. Don't assume.

Tip: Yellow and black wire is ground throughout the bike.

15x18-fileicon-pdf.pngEX250 Wiring Schematic Info_circle.gif (full color - large & detailed)

Old Wiring Schematic (B&W)

15x18-fileicon-pdf.pngStart & Ignition Schematic Info_circle.gif (full color)

15x18-fileicon-pdf.pngStart & Ignition Troubleshoot Schematic Info_circle.gif (full color)

Starter circuit schematic

Ignition circuit schematic

Headlight circuit schematic