What is a Ninja 250?

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The Kawasaki Ninja 250R, or EX250/GPX250, is the smallest in Kawi's rather large line of sportbikes, both in weight and displacement. First released as the E in 1986, then the F after a redesign in '88, it has remained largely unchanged to this day.

The 250 is a light, quick bike, which the experienced rider can reap much performance from. Still, it is designed in its stock configuration with the beginner in mind, and is tuned to be easily manageable; it is a bike that grows with its rider. Emphasis with this Ninja is placed on its excellent handling characteristics and reliability, and less on acceleration and contemporary design.

While the 250R is the only sportbike available in its class in the United States, it well fulfills the need for a bike in that class. It has acquired and retained a faithful following of those who desire a fast, crisp ride, but don't require the high torque of a larger-displacement bike. With an MSRP of only $2999, easy maintenance, excellent fuel economy and insurance premiums among the lowest in the market, the Ninja 250 is a full-featured motorcycle that is easily accessible to any wanting to ride.