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<table width="100%" border="1" align="center">
<table width="100%" border="1" align="center">
<tr><th align="center">Subscription</th><th align="center">Credit Card Payment</th><th align="center">Paypal/Bank Account Payment</th></tr>
<tr><th align="center">Subscription</th><th align="center">Credit Card Payment</th><th align="center">Paypal Funds/Bank Account Payment</th></tr>
<td align="center">Basic (Level 1) <img src="http://forums.ninja250.org/images/ranks/user1.gif"></td>
<td align="center">Basic (Level 1) <img src="http://forums.ninja250.org/images/ranks/user1.gif"></td>

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In order to make supporting the club more fun, we provide subscription-based support options. You can choose from the following annual subscription levels:

Basic (Level 1) -- $15 annually

  • One star is displayed for one year next to your name in all posts, in recognition of your continuing support.

Standard (Level 2) -- $30 annually

  • Two stars are displayed for one year next to your name.

Gold (Level 3) -- $60 annually

  • Three stars are displayed for one year next to your name. In addition, you can create a custom title that will also be displayed next to your name in all posts.

Platinum (Level 4) -- $120 annually

  • Four stars are displayed for one year next to your name, and your custom title will also be displayed in all posts.

Level 5 -- $150 annually -- Vendor / Dealer account

  • A vendor/dealer icon is displayed next to your name, and a Vendor subforum is created where you can post information about your products/services and answer member questions. Vendor can also create a custom title for the account.

Here is how to purchase:

SubscriptionCredit Card PaymentPaypal Funds/Bank Account Payment
Basic (Level 1)
Standard (Level 2)
Gold (Level 3)
Platinum (Level 4)