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  1. (Archived version)
  2. 100,000 miles on an EX250
  3. 1500 Miles in 24 Hours
  4. 2008 (and up) EX250J Info
  5. 500 mile inspection/maintenance
  6. 7JuRock
  7. AAA-type roadside assistance
  8. A Ninja 250 testimonial
  9. A beginner's guide to maintenance tools
  10. A brief guide to bearings
  11. A day at the Keith Code Track School
  12. About our forum layout
  13. About wider tires
  14. Accelerating, changing gears
  15. Adding an oil cooler
  16. Adding lower footpegs
  17. Adjusting the clutch cable
  18. Adjusting the throttle cables
  19. Aerostich Roadcrafter Suit
  20. Aftermarket Shocks
  21. Aftermarket air filters and pods
  22. Alternator Information
  23. Am I too big for this motorcycle?
  24. Am I too small for this motorcycle?
  25. And it should be a full-face helmet, right?
  26. Another man's fairing repair
  27. Approaching an intersection
  28. Are Valve Emulators worthwhile?
  29. Are there any disadvantages to lowering the bike?
  30. As a second motorcycle
  31. Back protector
  32. Basic Controls
  33. Batteries explained
  34. Battery box mod for easier carb removal
  35. Battery stuff
  36. Best bike for your dollar
  37. Bike mods for beginners
  38. Biker Speak
  39. Body color by model year
  40. Body plastics repair guide
  41. Body repair links
  42. Bodywork & Frame
  43. Boots
  44. Boxers or briefs? Summer under-gear wear
  45. Brake caliper rebuild
  46. Brakes
  47. Braking while downshifting/Blipping the throttle
  48. Budget seat mod for the long-legged
  49. Buell Blast vs Ninja 250
  50. But aren't MSF courses just for total newbies?
  51. Cam chain tensioner removal
  52. Can I get fork tube protectors/gaiters?
  53. Can I get some stats/specs for the bike?
  54. Can I import a motorcycle into Canada?
  55. Can I improve carb performance without buying a whole jet kit?
  56. Can I leave my protective gear/helmet on the bike?
  57. Can I put a front tire on the rear?
  58. Can I ride my bike home if the clutch cable breaks?
  59. Carburetor photos
  60. Caring for your forks
  61. Changing gearing J bike
  62. Changing the front reflectors to running lights
  63. Changing the spark plugs & brands to avoid
  64. Changing to a Next Gen oil screen cover/drain plug
  65. Checking engine mount bolts
  66. Checking the clutch safety switch
  67. Checking the oil screen
  68. Choosing the Right Helmet
  69. Cleaning/Servicing the Spark Plug Caps
  70. Cleaning and servicing the clutch switch
  71. Cleaning the carbs 1
  72. Cleaning the carbs 2
  73. Cleaning your exhaust pipes
  74. Club merchandise
  75. Clutch & Transmission
  76. Cobra Slip-On Exhaust
  77. Cold weather preparation
  78. Comparisons and Reviews of the EX250
  79. Comprehensive list of board modules
  80. Controls & Cables
  81. Cooling system
  82. Corbin seat fitting
  83. Corona Tank Top: Safer Than Leather
  84. Countersteering
  85. Cowardice, or introspection?
  86. Custom, Tunable Supertrapp Slip-ons
  87. Dealing with crosswinds
  88. Dealing with risks
  89. Deck The Halls
  90. Defogging the visor
  91. Differences between New Generation and Classic bikes
  92. Do 120-width tires really work better on the rear?
  93. Do I need a different chain if I change my gearing?
  94. Do I really have to follow this break-in period?
  95. Do I really need to adjust the valves every 6000 miles?
  96. Do I really need to wear all this stuff?
  97. Do taller/wider tires work better than the stock sizes?
  98. Dragging a knee
  99. Draining J model carbs
  100. Draining the carbs
  101. Dunlop GT501: The Racers' Choice,
  102. Dynojet - Mikuni - Keihin jet sizes conversion
  103. E-Z shifting for beginners
  104. EX250F key blanks
  105. EX250 parts diagrams
  106. EX500 springs option
  107. Earplugs
  108. Electrical & Lighting
  109. Emergency Flashers 1
  110. Emergency Flashers 2
  111. Engine
  112. Engine Oil
  113. Engine number and year of manufacture
  114. Entering a turn too fast
  115. Evolution of a touring bike
  116. Exhaust
  117. FAQ Recovery
  118. FAQ fan mail
  119. Fairing repair with Plastic Weld and fiberglass
  120. Final Drive
  121. Finding a good used shock
  122. First day at Sears Point
  123. First days: Living with a motorcycle
  124. First impressions of the 2008
  125. ForceOne Technologies
  126. Forums FAQ
  127. Front suspension upgrades
  128. Fuel Hose - replace
  129. Fuel injection codes for EX250K
  130. GRR rules 2012
  131. GSXR600 shock
  132. General things to look for if your bike won't start
  133. Getting into 250 racing
  134. Gloves
  135. Going around a cloverleaf
  136. Greasing the axles & wheel bearings
  137. Hard luggage
  138. Hauling in a truck (mostly)
  139. Hauling on a trailer
  140. Headlight circuit schematic
  141. Heated cold-weather gear
  142. Helicoil insert for a stripped spark plug hole
  143. Helmet
  144. Helmet Hints & Tips
  145. Helmet sunshade
  146. Hints & Tips: Streetfighter
  147. Hints & Tips: Valve Adjustment
  148. Hippo Hands
  149. Hose routing for California emissions/3 line fuel tanks
  150. How LEDs work
  151. How a 600 SS/RR is different than your Ninja
  152. How a carburetor works: Carbs explained
  153. How can I balance the tires by myself?
  154. How can I haul my bike on a truck/trailer?
  155. How can I log into the FAQ?
  156. How do I add HTML to my article?
  157. How do I add images to my article?
  158. How do I adjust chain/rear wheel alignment?
  159. How do I adjust the floats?
  160. How do I adjust the idle mixture?
  161. How do I adjust the rear brake lever?
  162. How do I adjust the rear damping?
  163. How do I adjust the rear preload?
  164. How do I adjust the shifter?
  165. How do I adjust the valves?
  166. How do I avoid working on the carbs?
  167. How do I bleed the brake lines?
  168. How do I change the brake fluid?
  169. How do I change the front sprocket?
  170. How do I change the rear shock?
  171. How do I check my oil?
  172. How do I clean the air filter(s)?
  173. How do I clean the carbs?
  174. How do I clean the drivechain?
  175. How do I drain the fuel tank?
  176. How do I find PARK?
  177. How do I find everything on the site?
  178. How do I get the diaphragms back in correctly?
  179. How do I install a fuel filter?
  180. How do I install a jet kit?
  181. How do I join the club?
  182. How do I make use of the extra space under the seat?
  183. How do I measure chain slack?
  184. How do I properly attach the windscreen to avoid breakage?
  185. How do I raise the front fender to fit a 110-width tire?
  186. How do I refurbish a slipping clutch?
  187. How do I remove the carbs to work on them?
  188. How do I remove the fairing, fuel tank, etc?
  189. How do I remove the fork caps/pistons?
  190. How do I replace and adjust the headlight?
  191. How do I replace the brake pads?
  192. How do I replace the chain?
  193. How do I replace the fork oil?
  194. How do I replace the fork seals?
  195. How do I replace the sight glass?
  196. How do I scrub in new tires?
  197. How do I service the cooling system?
  198. How do I stiffen up the front suspension?
  199. How do I submit a profile?
  200. How do I synchronize the carburetors?
  201. How do I thumb the starter?
  202. How do I warm up the tires?
  203. How do I wash the bike?
  204. How do I work on the carbs?
  205. How do relays work?
  206. How does a Ninja 250 engine work?
  207. How does modifying the steering geometry help?
  208. How does the EX250 handle freeway riding?
  209. How does the EX500 compare to the EX250?
  210. How does the Ninja 250 compare to the Honda CBR250?
  211. How does the charging system work?
  212. How does the reserve tank work?
  213. How does weather affect jetting?
  214. How exchange rates have raised motorcycle prices recently
  215. How far can I go after putting the fuel petcock on "reserve"
  216. How long do tires last & when to replace them
  217. How long will a Ninja 250 engine last?
  218. How much work is involved when rebuilding?
  219. How often should I lube the chain; what should I use to do so?
  220. How should I go about preparing my bike for winter storage?
  221. How to build your own track bike
  222. How to check the fuses
  223. How to drain the float bowls
  224. How to drain the float bowls 2
  225. How to fine-tune your jetting
  226. How to jump start your bike from a car
  227. How to keep the bodywork hardware organized
  228. How to lower your bars....
  229. How to read a multimeter
  230. How to replace the ignition switch
  231. How to sell your bike
  232. How to shim the cush drive
  233. How to tell if your battery is dead
  234. Humor and satire
  235. I'd like to improve my bike for touring
  236. I'd like to know more about clipons
  237. I'm gonna save big money by buying an EX250
  238. I'm ready to hit the twisties. Where are some good motorcycle roads?
  239. I'm trying to find some touch-up paint to cover some scratches
  240. I've got the filters in, now what do I do with the battery?
  241. I Need Recommendations For Tools/Parts
  242. I am having trouble putting my bike on its centerstand
  243. I bought a bike that's been sitting for a while. What now?
  244. I can't take the key out without turning the handlebars
  245. I can't turn off the headlight
  246. I can ride just fine after a couple beers, right? Right??
  247. I hate these mirrors
  248. I have a 1986-1987 model, whats different?
  249. I have a 1986-1987 model. What's different?
  250. I have helmet hair. What to do?

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