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[http://www.protectall.com/cable_life.htm Protect All Cable Luber]  
[http://www.protectall.com/cable_life.htm Protect All Cable Luber]  
[http://www.motionpro.com/motorcycle/cables/product/cable_luber Motion Pro Cable Luber]  
[http://www.motionpro.com/motorcycle/cables/cable_luber Motion Pro Cable Luber]  
====Lubing the throttle cables====
====Lubing the throttle cables====

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How to lube the clutch cable

Here's the genuine Kawasaki cable lubrication tool:

Clutch cable lube 1.jpg

Do yourself a favor and depress the clutch switch (a small, 1/8" diameter 1/4" long spring-loaded piece of plastic that is activated by squeezing/releasing the clutch lever) and use a piece of tape to keep it depressed while you are working, as it is very easily broken off. It can be difficult to do before starting, so you may wish to do so after removing the lever, but before reconnecting it, as that is when it is most prone to breaking. Don't forget to remove the tape when you are done.

Disconnect the clutch cable from the lever (loosening it at the clutch cover first makes this task easier):

Clutch cable lube 2.jpg

Clamp the tool to the cable:

Clutch cable lube 3.jpg

Connect the lube and spray; a bit of lube may force its way out at the tool, so you may want to wrap it with rag while you spray. It's not a bad idea to put a rag down at the other end as well, as when you've gotten enough lube in there, it will start dripping out down there.

Clutch cable lube 4.jpg

Hook the cable back up, adjust the slack, and enjoy silky smooth clutch action!

Other available tools:

Protect All Cable Luber

Motion Pro Cable Luber

Lubing the throttle cables

Lubing a throttle cable is done in the Exact same fashion as lubing a clutch cable. Use the same cable lubing device. Force the lube through the cable sheath until it comes out clean on the far side ~ working the cable back and forth a few times throughout the process.

How to lube the speedometer cable

Speedo cables will sooner or later dry up their original lubrication and you will see the needle start to jump on the dial. It wants lubrication. If ignored, it will get worse, and break. The cable is a tiny, long, coiled spring with square ends formed on it for a drive. You can lube the cable by disconnecting the knurled knob on the speedo gearbox on the front axle with your fingers. No need to disturb the upper end fitting at the speedo.

With great care, twist and pull the cable out of the housing. It makes some tight bends so will be a little tight. Don't yank on it or it will be ruined. Using a MOLY (only) chassis grease available in tubes from NAPA or good auto parts stores (commonly used with a grease gun for car and truck chassis lubrication), coat the cable thoroughly on its whole length with the grease, using your fingers to make sure it's thoroughly greased. But don't really glop it on, or shove grease up the housing, because that has been known to get grease up into the speedo head and ruin it.

Now, ease and fish your cable up the housing, very gently, around the tight bends and turn it a little, which will help. You will also need to turn and ease the square drive end up into the speedo head itself, using no force any time. Eventually you will see the cable is fully installed in its housing, as it was when you detached it from the axle gearbox. Now you re-attach it to the axle gearbox, once again carefully making sure the square end of the cable properly enters the gearbox. Now, after tightening the knurled finger nut, you're good to go. And you will find that the cable will run smoothly a long, long time with this moly-grease treatment, before the next one becomes necessary.

It's not a bad idea to clean and grease up the speedo drive on the axle whenever you've got the wheel off. Both gears will come out of the unit, letting you remove any gunk and particles that may have settled there. Pack it real well w/ regular bearing grease when re-assembling it.