How do I raise the front fender to fit a 110-width tire?

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Remove the front wheel and fender.

Using a drill bit slightly larger than the hole in the four pop rivets, drill them out from the outside of the fender.

Remove (and discard) the internal steel bracket.

Get a drill bit the same size as the bolts used to mount the fender to the fork legs.

Carefully measure and drill new holes approximately 13/16" (21mm) of an inch down from the original holes.

The measurement should be taken from the center of the old hole to the center of the proposed new hole. Note: The fender does not mount parallel to the ground. The center of the new hole should be equidistant from the vertical mold mark of the fork recess. This is appx 1 1/8" (28.6mm).

The front holes are difficult to drill without a right angle chuck. You should either invest in a right angle drill chuck or use a dremel tool.

When remounting the fender, place a suitable flat washer between the outside of the fender and the mounting point. This will help prevent gouging the plastic.

Remount the fender and wheel and verify clearance. Do not re-use the steel bracket. Make sure you check often that the mounting bolts are tight.

A picture of the completed project is here.

Fender lift.jpg